Let's Meet Vince Palko

Ever since Vince was a young boy he has surrounded himself with endurance building information. At an early age he was seen organizing neighborhood runs in the dog days of summer (when other kids were inside playing on their Commodore 64s) to prepare for his 7th grade football season.

This dedication and discipline in his fitness and conditioning carried forward into high school. Vince helped his football team win its first State Title in over 15 years. He caught the eye of several coaches from Div. I Colleges and choose to attend Bowling Green State University on a full scholarship. He started all four years at linebacker and was elected captain two years in a row. He helped his team win two MAC championships and win two Bowl Games. Sidenote: Vince is a Hall of Fame member of both his High School and college, Bowling Green State University.

After college, Vince traveled overseas to play professional football in Hamburg, Germany where he lead the Blue Devils to three German and Eurobowl Championships.

He learned from some of the best strength and conditioning coaches all over the world in Europe and the NCAA Division I college he attended.

Whether it was college and pro coaches giving him the secrets to increase his endurance through 180 minutes of intense gridiron battles– Vince has seen it all. And applied it all. The application of this knowledge has lead to improving his life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Vince now uses his valuable information to move his 230lb "clydesdale" frame competing in several marathon and triathlon races. Considering most athletes are half his size, Vince competes very well and finishes higher than 3/4 of his competition.

Vince has three daughters all under the age of 6.






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